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Randomize Code
Make WebSite Safer

you create a key, we create a code. Together we stop BOTS from your websites. Unlimited. Free.
receive points and exchange to free premium account vouchers.

Cross browser

You can use our random code api everywhere, even for creating secure code/verification for mobile application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before asking the same question.

It's a service to stop bots from your websites by using 2 way servers. We generate a random code by your key generated.
Simply use our api to generate your code, you need to create 2 randome key for requesting our code.
No, you can use any programming language to get our random code via api. But we are only have PHP example scripts.
No, only visitors are viwing advertisement, you can use your own ads like banner ads and popup ads (if you're eliglible). We have already reserve a spot for your ads.
You can use our system as your Stop Bot Protection for your websites. Not just that, you can crete any idea with the code, and you will earn HPoints that can be exchanged into free premium accounts on many cloud file hosting.(if you're eliglible)
You can redeem it on our members panel.

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